Other Random Links

Mangle is the only random link finder that I know of that uses the Google Web API. Other random link generators I have found are listed below.

Random pages based on databases

These are generally poor sources of random links. The links have to be entered by users and are stored in the database indefinately. There is a good chance that the links get old and become unavailable. These are all pages based on databases:

The Yahoo! and DMOZ (Open Directory Project) random links use a very large database and they are updated and maintained by Yahoo and Netscape, respectively. The problem is that not all sites are accepted. The upside is that it is more probable to find a quality website since they are all screened.

Random pages that use the Yahoo random link
(And since the Yahoo link is broken, so are these ...)

Random pages based on the Google database archive

Other ...

These are pages that I can't classify, or do weird things.

If you know of any links to any type of random web page generator, please contact me!!

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