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Welcome to Random Earth, your virtual tour of the world.

To start, hit the go button. Choose a region (city, continent or the entire world) and zoom level, and random earth will select random areas within your region. Your coordinates are given in the boxes shown.

Zoom level 20 is only available for certain regions such as New York, Tokyo. If autozoom is selected, the map will zoom out until an image is found, but doesn't work with Internet Explorer (Firefox only, sorry).

Want to explore a specific area? Check the custom location, enter some coordinates and a radius and random earth will be restricted within your area.

Tips: Zoom levels 16-18 are good for cities, 12-14 for continents and 8-12 for the world.

Want a city or region included? Send me the coordinates and I'll add it.
Suggestions and comments are appreciated -- contact me.