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Q. What is the Google key?

A. Google has kindly released a software package that allows querying of their extensive web archive remotely, from websites other than This allows Mangle access to over 3 billion web sites, however as part of the license agreement, only 1000 queries are allowed per day per license. Therefore to allow more than 1000 searches in a day, you must get your own license key at

Please don't bug Google about this limitation, they are kind enough to release their database to the public. Getting your own key only takes seconds, so its not a big deal anyways.

Q. What does 'safemode' do?

A. Safemode allows for 'safe' surfing, or in other words, adult content will not be displayed. This relies on Google's safemode option, and it should be very reliable however there are no guarantees! There are no 'dirty' words in the dictionary database so the likelihood of coming across an offensive adult site is minimal.

Q. What does 'number of words' do?

A. This is the number of words that will be chosen from the database to be entered into Googles search engine. A larger number of words will result in a more diverse group of websites, generally with more text, while choosing one or two words will likely bring a topic specialized to that one word.

Q. What does the 'country' option do?

A. A website will randomly be chosen from the country selected. This is based on Google's regional grouping of websites.

Q. What does the 'language' option do?

A. Websites are written in many languages. This option allows a website to be selected that is written in a certain language. Even though the word database used is all english, it works very well for finding pages written in other languages. This works best with 1 or 2 word searches.

Q. What is the 'custom word'?

A. Leave the field as is or blank to use Mangle like normal. If you want to add words to be used during the random page search, put one in here. For example, if you type in the word 'motorcycle', random pages all about motorcycles will be found. Currently in 'beta'.

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